Friday, September 12, 2014

The Bishop's House

 Hans Herr House, built in 1719, is the oldest existing structure in Lancaster Co., PA.  I am a direct descendant of Hans Herr, who was the first Mennonite Bishop of Lancaster Co.  The quilt was made following a visit to the house, which is now a museum.  The house is overshadowed by a center diamond, which though being more associated with the Amish, is probably the quilt design most representative of Lancaster County.

The sky is hand dyed in 5 gradations of blue.

 I used some traditional Amish quilting designs, such as the feather circle and cable, in addition to quilting the landscape features in grids and by following the outlines.

On the back is a pedigree chart showing the line from Hans Herr to myself, and a scan of the photo I worked with to create the quilt.

The remainder of the back was strip pieced.
The label tells the story.
Do you ever try to reflect your heritage in your quilts?


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  1. wowie what a meaningful piece of work! Beautiful Elsie

    LeeAnna at not afraid of color